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Mid-way through our 3rd season of RTEO

According to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine –“The majority of children do not participate in sufficient amounts of daily, health-enhancing physical activity. One strategy to increase activity is to promote it within the after-school setting.”  It is more and more evident that schools must play a vital role in nutrition and exercise education while also encouraging and providing opportunities for physical activity.

Our Ride to End Obesity after-school program does just that.  Focusing on prevention, we inspire young people to make healthful choices while understanding and having fun being active.  Our model of bringing BMX to schools – provides an opportunity for middle school-aged kids to learn about the sport while also finding how great they feel by getting outside and being active.  We have reached hundreds of children in San Diego County with the positive message of eating well, staying active and avoiding destructive decisions.  We’re mid-way through our 3rd season and we look forward to encouraging young, healthy lives, one school visit at a time!

Ride To End Obesity Video

Capture a first-hand glance of our Ride to End Obesity program in action through this edit shot by Corinne Walder. We’re stoked to have been able to reach more than 250 kids this semester with a positive message of eating well and exercising, while sharing our passion for the sport of BMX. It’s great to have of our team involved and we’re looking forward to an expansion in Fall. Learn more,