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Ride To End Obesity Press Release

PRESS RELEASE | September 26, 2014 | For Immediate Release | Contact |

Chula Vista, CA – Participants from Dale Holmes Racing’s, “Ride to End Obesity Program”, an interactive program offered as part of the ASES after school programming at Poway Unified School District, where middle school-aged children learn about proper nutrition, the importance of exercise, bike and street safety and the sport of BMX racing with an opportunity to ride bicycles through staged obstacles onsite at schools, will attend the last round of the UCI BMX World Cup Series to witness first-hand the competitive side of the sport.

“I really had fun learning about being healthy and riding the bmx bikes when you visited our school last spring. I am excited about seeing professional bikers this weekend at the Olympic Training Site”, said Daniel, a student participant of Ride to End Obesity.

Students will spend the afternoon at the Olympic Training Facility in Chula Vista meeting with professionals of the USA BMX organization, interacting with BMX World Champions, Olympians and other professional riders while watching the final round of the UCI BMX World Cup Series where the title is up for grabs. A Trip to the Track is just one component of the community outreach activities at Dale Holmes Racing. The team offers free instruction/training to underserved children in the community, provides camperships (scholarships) for underserved children to attend its summer day camp at the YMCA and sponsors a number of school visits through its Ride to End Obesity Program to educate young people on the importance of leading a healthful lifestyle.

About Dale Holmes Racing: After 30 years of racing BMX professionally, securing 5 World Championship Titles and being honored with induction into the UK Hall of Fame, Dale Holmes formed his own team, Dale Holmes Racing. The team consists of a professional, international BMX race team, an afterschool program (Ride to End Obesity), a summer camp partnership with the YMCA of San Diego County (BMX Pro for a Week) & a national clinic program.

Get Moving – Ride To End Obesity

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, sugar makes up 16% of young people in America’s diet. Not only is this contributing to a staggering number of overweight and obese youngsters but is also being linked directly to cancer and stroke. It is vitally important that we all do our part to get involved. To get young people educated on what their eating and drinking and how it affects them today and in 20 years from now. The goal is to inspire them to take action and to make small steps today, as we know eating better and getting more active over time will yield great results in the long-term. Here are a number of pictures from our team’s two visits to Poway Unified last week. The tour continues with several more visits slated later this month, which is so fitting as May is National Bike Month! Get Moving…